NingXia Red by Young Living


young living ningxia red

NingXia Red is one of my favorite Young Living products.  It is a must have in every home for overall health and wellness.  My family drinks1-2 ounces of this daily as our vitamin.  When we are feeling under the weather, we drink it more often throughout the day.  The NingXia wolfberry is an incredible antioxidant.  A highlight of the benefits of drinking NingXia Red daily are:

  • increases energy
  • increases immune function
  • supports proper cellular function
  • supports brain, eye, and cardiovascular health
  • supports proper liver function
  • improves digestion and helps remove toxins from the body
  • highest antioxidant of all food
  • high in beta carotene
  • high in Calcium and Magnesium
  • Essential Oils are added to enhance nutrient absorption
  • high in polysacharides and amino acids
  • pulp of the whole plant is used
  • high in fiber
  • highest free radical oxidation
  • high in D-limonene
  • low glycemic index

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